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Teen Challenge Belfast are always in need of new Volunteers.  Our ministry is growing at an extensive rate and in order to sustain the need in Belfast and the surrounding areas, we require volunteers who are willing to serve in the front line.  We have different types of volunteers but each are as important as each other.  

Outreach Volunteer: Our Bus Outreach team volunteers are the foundation of our ministry.  The are the faithful members who brave the elements who meet the need out those in the street.  Not only do they volunteer of their time, but also their finances to buy food for each night.  Our outreach team volunteers deal with some harrowing scenes and conditions and yet continue to persevere in the pursuit of winning souls for Christ.

Prayer Volunteer: Our Prayer Volunteers are the spiritual support to the Outreach Volunteers.  Each time the Outreach volunteers are out serving, our Prayer Volunteers are interceding, asking for God's divine protection and blessing upon the teams endeavours. These volunteers are knock down the walls in the spiritual realms and their prayers are greatly appreciated.

Fundraising Volunteer:  Our Fundraising Volunteers help our ministry by supporting fundraising events and putting in hours of service to help raise money to support Teen Challenge.  Like any charity, Teen Challenge has overheads and bills need to be paid. These team members help by giving their time to ensure those needs are meet

Fundraising Organiser Volunteer: Our Fundraising Organiser Volunteers organise different events to help support Teen Challenge Belfast. They have great management and organisational skills and put them to great use serving the Lord.

If you would like to consider supporting the Teen Challenge Belfast ministry as a volunteer we would be delighted to hear from you. You can do this by writing to us at Teen Challenge Belfast PO BOX 2268 Belfast, BT13 9DF, contacting 07464164335 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Alternatively Download the Teen Challenge Belfast Volunteer Form and post it to the Teen Challenge Belfast ministry headquarters.



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